Program Details

A1: Vipassana Courses of Officers of the Department

This is a regular 10 day Vipassana Course held at a regular Vipassana Center of VRI or any other center authorized by it.

A2. Vipassana Courses of Cluster Heads

This is a regular 10 day Vipassana Course held at a regular Vipassana Center of VRI or any other location identified and approved by VRI.

A3. Vipassana Courses of School Teachers and Headmasters

This training program (A3) includes two parts:

A3.1. Ten day Vipassana Course of the school teacher/ Headmaster, starting at 5 PM on Day 0 and ending at 6:30 AM on Day 11

A3.2. Workshop on Day 11 for participants who have completed the Vipassana 10 day course, to impart them training on how to initiate this activity at their school level. This starts on day 11 of the training at 8 AM and ends at 5 PM on the same day. The program ends here and participants who have completed the entire 12 day training are certified as MITRA Teachers.

A4. Workshop of other school teachers in the school, who have not undergone 10 day Vipassana course

Details of Workshop at School
Session I – Narration of self- experience of importance of code of conduct, food and stay etc. Gained while completing Vipassana training – 15 minutes

Session II – Discourse for parent and teachers: 55 minutes audio CD.

Session III – Introduction of Anapana which will be taught to students: 70 minutes audio track.

Session IV – Introduction of practice of Anapana to be practiced by students: 10 minutes audio track.

Session V – Observations of all presents on above sessions.

Session VI – Preparation of plan for conducting Anapana training program for 5th to 10thstandard students in the school. While preparing the plan of the school of number of students in these should be considered. It means, if in any school the number of students strength is less than 500 then in such case for single training program division wise50 students may be considered. However, if in any school the students strength is more than 500 then in such case maximum of 100 students can be considered for single Anapana training program.

A5. Anapana Training of Students from 5th to 10th standard

For implementation of this activity at school level, it is essential that from each school at least one school teacher or Headmaster completes program A3 as mentioned above. Similarly the school teachers who have already completed the Vipassana course conducted by VRI may complete only program A3.2 to initiate this activity at their school level. After completion of A3.2 by such teachers, they will be certified as MITRA Teachers.

Before finalizing the place for Anapana training, following points shall be seen scrupulously-

A. The place should be such that the students are able to sit comfortably and with sufficient distance from each other.

B. Such place should be clean and properly ventilated.

C. Generally students shall be made to sit on a mattress or a carpet laid down on the floor. Similarly it shall be seen that throughout the session o Anapana training the students occupies same seat.

D. Atmosphere around such place should be peaceful and during Anapana training it shall be seen that other students do not cause any disturbance.

Program details

1. The class teacher of the classes for which Anapana training is arranged should remain present during such training. Such teacher should sit behind the student.

2. Before starting Anapana training to the student it shall be seen that the available instrument for playing the CD, like CD player, Speaker, TV/ computer etc. are in working condition. Similarly , it shall be seen that sound is proper and clear so that all present are able to hear.

3. During Ananpana training, CD will be played and therefore, the teacher who has completed Vipassana and Anapana trining should sit on the side of such instrument.

4. Before starting Anapana training, the teacher conducting the training should practice Vipassana for few minutes so that his mind become peaceful thereby creating harmonious atmosphere

5. Instruct the students and teachers present to be completely calm and steady during the training.

6. Anapana Training for students consists of following sessions –

Session I – As per the standard of the students i.e. Track 1 for students from 5th to 8th standard and Track 2 for students of 9th and 10th standard: 16 min.

Session II – Practice session I: 13 min.

Session III – Practice session II: 15 min.

Session IV – Discourse & Metta: 19 min.

Session V – Practice session: 10 min.

7. While considering students for Anapana Training the student from 5th to 8th and 9th and 10th should not be taken together because as mentioned above the first session of Anapana training for 5th to 8th standard is different from the session given to the students of 9th & 10th standard.

8. Training should be started as per standards of the students present for the training and after each session the break of 1 or 2 minutes can be given. However, students should not be allowed to leave there seats. Similarly, if it is very essential the break of few minutes can be given to the students for drinking water or going to toilet. After break student should be make to occupy their earlier seats only. It may be seen that such Break is avoided.

9. After completion of session I to IV, students will be practicing Anapana and hence as per session V the practice session should also be introduced to them.

10. On completion of Anapana training as above, observation of students and teachers who have taken training shall be noted.

11. As above in the school the Anapana training of students from. 5th to 10th standard should be completed.

12. In schools where centralized audio system with speaker in each class is available, in such school while starting of the school during Paripath and before closure of school, the Anapana practice should be loaded on mobile phones of teachers for its daily practice. For this as per requirement help of technician can be taken.

13. To inculcate the feeling of love, friendship, compassion, cheerfulness amongst the students.

14. Students are sensitive and they observe how much calm and cheerful you are. If you attain maturity in your conduct the with your company try to follow to be calm, contented and cheerful because your conduct will speak more than your words.

15. To provide Anapana training to the students Vipassana Research Institute has provided one CD consisting of training material to the teachers who has completed the Vipassana and Anapana training. This is a very imported CD and therefore the concern teacher is responsible for keeping the CD safely. On completion of Anapana training to the student of 5th to 10th standard in the school and uploading of 10 min practice session in the mobile phones of all the class teachers, the CD shall be handed over to the Head Master of the school and it shall be kept safely. As per requirement, in case Anapana training is to be provided to the students again, it should be done through the same CD. Copies of this CD shall not be made.

16. The Teacher who has completed Vipassana and Anapana training should provide anapana training only in the schools in which he/she is working. Such teacher shall not provide Anapana training in any other school .

17. If the Teacher who has completed Vipassana and Anapana training to going retire or is due for transfer then in such case in view to continue the Anapana training and its practice in the school , some other teacher from the same school should complete the Anapana training.

For Other Teachers:-

1. To attend the training arranged by the teacher who has completed Vipassana course and Anapana training. Understand its importance and participate in Anapana training and its practice.

2. Since this training is for the students from your class, understand its all details.

3. It should kept in mind that while developing the intellectual and mental aptitude of the students it is going to be huge benefit to the teachers themselves.

4. Taking Vipassana training is beneficial to all the teachers in the school. Therefore it shall be tried to take earliest opportunity to complete the Vipassana training.

5. If in your class there is arrangement of audio system, the Anapana practice should be carried out through the same. However, if such facilities are not available then the Anapana training should be conducted through your mobile phone by uploading the 10 minute anapana practice with the help of technical assistance.

6. On completion of anapana training to the students of the your class it is your responsibility to conducts its daily practice therefore, for practice it is essential to create favorable environment of you class and making required thing available.

7. During Anapana practice the atmosphere of the class should be kept pleasant, peaceful and completely disciplined.

8. The practice of Anapana should be conducted regularly during Paripath before and closure of the school and by strictly followed details of technique.

9. For any reason the practice is not being done as per the technique provided for, in such circumstances help of teacher who has completed the Vipassana and Anapana training shall be obtained and it shall be seen that the purity of technique is maintained.

10. The students who were absent during Anapana training for them a special Anapana traing should be arranged. Unless this Anapana training is completed the practice should not be started for such students.

For Headmasters:-

1. As head of institute if you have not taken benefit of Vipassana and Anapana training then at earliest complete the Vipassana and Anapana training at the Vipassana center or course arranged by Vipassana Research Institute elsewhere.

2. To arrange 3 hour training through the teacher who has completed Vipassana and Anapana training for all other teachers of the school.

3. Since during the training the teachers are going to listen to 70 minute Anapana training and its practice and 55 min. parents and teachers discourse through the CD, all arrangement for using the CD i.e. CD player, speakers etc. should be arranged.

4. The teachers who were absent during the training, for such teachers again this training should be arranged.

5. For this training program the officers of your area who has completed Vipassana training should be invited.

6. Time table for training to the students of each class should be prepared and for such training it shall be ensured that all the students of the class and concern teacher remain present.

7. After completion of training recognize each class room in advance so that proper audible audio system arrangement and peaceful environment is created for 10-10 minute daily practice.

8. Being head of the institution it is essential for you to see that in all classes the students get Anapana practice in its pure form and to see that the benefit of Vipassana training is provided to all your teachers on priority basis at the regular Vipassana centers.

A6. Daily practice of Anapana at the school After completion of initial Anapana Training (program A5) daily practice can be started with the students.

School teachers, headmaster, staff must also participate. This daily practice has to be done 10 mins morning before start of school and 10 mins afternoon/ evening, before students leave for home. For 10 mins practice, tracks are provided in the training CD, which may be played through a CD player, or copied on the mobile phones and played via them.